16 September 2009

Sousse Cemetery Christians and non-Muslims

It is a beautiful and quiet place to visit. There are many shade trees and comfortable places to sit, meditate and pray.

This cemetery for Christians and non-Muslims is open for visitors everyday but Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM.

The Cemetery was moved to this location,
not far from the Sousse Olympic Stadium.

The original location of the Sousse Cemetery for Christians and non-Muslims was near downtown, at the current location of the Champion grocery store. The families of those buried here gave their permission for the bodies of their relatives to be relocated.

There is a gardener who maintains the cemetery, guarding it and keeping clean and watered year-round.

The Sousse Cemetery (Cimitiere les Cypres) is the only location south of Nabeul, where Christians and other non-Muslims may be buried, outside of Tunis. Other cemeteries, Christians were buried in Tunisia are full and no longer have space for burials.

If you are in need of help with a burial, please call us for more information! We can put you in contact with the correct government and cemetery authorities as well as the Protestant Minister and the Catholic Priests.



Anonymous Juliette said...

Le cimetière est très joli!

17 March, 2010 17:45  

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